Whether you are considering to set up a new blog on wordpress or to build an e-commerce site on wordpress, this article is surely a thorough read for you. Besides tracking links to measure the performance of online marketing activities, one essential element for your website is a plugin, which is add-on software for WordPress that enhances its functionality and versatility of use. On the internet, it is reported that almost 35 million sites are running on the basis of plugins. 

An entrepreneur is always searching for more. He initiates with writing a basic blog and then might move towards selling some of the products on wordpress. All this requires the installation of perfect plugins that boost your website growth and enhance customer engagement without having knowledge of complex coding systems.

For this purpose, you must go through all the available plugins per your requirements and select the ones that suit you the best comprising those features. These plugins help your e-commerce store in a variety of ways, like product catalogue display, pricing, taxation, delivery, order placement, tracking, and much more. Visit linklyhq.com to know more.

Key Factors When Selecting E-Commerce Plugins: 

Since in the market, plentiful plugins show availability. It totally depends upon the type of your business or services you're providing when choosing plugins because each provides a unique set of properties.

As per your web page designing, the plugin should have maximum features to allow optimization. The plugin should enable the preferred mode of payment to your customers.

The eCommerce plugin should have the potential to integrate with other major apps and tools like CRM software. The plugin saves time and money hence providing great customer satisfaction. Check out www.xero.com to know more.

Let us find out the 5 e-commerce essential plugins that are a must-have:

5 Essential Plugins Every E-commerce Website Needs:

Here, we are going to suggest you the best plugin options for your online business website. Keep reading to know their characteristics:

Woo Commerce Plugin: 

If you want to convert your wordpress blog into a highly functional and running e-commerce website, then the most powerful plugin undoubtedly is WooCommerce. This flexible and reliable plugin has been under the hands of Automatic since 2015, operating users effectively with more than 22% of millions of sites on the internet. 

The Woocommerce plugin has a fully automated benefit for your online business. Through CoinGate, you and your customers can save and do withdrawal of crypto payments without any unnecessary delays or involvement of a middle person. 

In case of unsuccessful transactions, WooCommerce plugins also ensure smooth refunds and exchangability to other currencies. 


It's absolutely free with hundreds of themes and extensions available. Also enables customization, support system, inventory management, and order tracking.

Woo commerce allows affiliated product marketing and accessibility. Most importantly it's handy, popular, does automatic cost and shipment calculation.

Easy Digital Downloads EDD: 

For selling digital products with various features and benefits, EDD can be your favourite plugin. For example, apart from physical products, you must be selling PDF files, audio, video notes, and e-books. 

So, you require EDD, which is free and readily available after download. Edd provides you with functions like various themes and galleries to select for your page.


Since it's always been free from the start, none of the entrepreneurs will have any problem working with it. 

To make an advanced digital store, you can choose any theme from the plugin library. That allows you in displaying your web page with discounts, mailing, and customer support.

Ecwid E-Commerce Shopping Cart:

Its features are almost similar to that of WooCommerce however the good part is that it offers you a better pricing policy with monthly payments and built-in features. 

Ecwid offers you an amazing interface and a hassle-free downloading process. If you genuinely want to build up a quality e-commerce website, then Ecwid is your reliable option.


Ecwid integrates and fuses with different managing systems and web owners thus no manual input is needed over here. Everything here upgrades automatically, unlike others.

Optin Monster: 

This plugin is built in terms of user friendly. You can design beautiful campaigns for your e-store with Optin Monster. You can attract and make customers do what you want them to do by using this particular plugin.

In order to get page views and increase in sales because it instantly opens up dialogue boxes, pop-ups, and welcome mats, resulting in rapid conversions in a matter of a few seconds.


Optin monster takes feedback from previous users, thus offering them discounts. It's easy to use with intent for small business owners.

All In One Seo Ecommerce Plugin:

You need to optimize your page to gain sufficient traffic on your website. As search engine optimization ensures that the relevant keywords and tags are used so that your website ranks on top whenever a user search something on engines. 

This enables organic traffic and, ofcourse, customer retention and sales. A proper SEO requires a lot of input and time therefore, this plugin is a good choice for you.


Analyze headlines and also make meta tags and meta descriptions. All in one SEO plugin is a pro in on-page and off-page SEO.


To summarize this article, our recommendations for entrepreneurs depend upon the services and products that they are offering in the first place. 

The favorite ones are usually easy digital downloads and woo-commerce plugins due to their vast zone of capabilities and usability. Luckily, the plugin world doesn't end here. 

For developers one may consider woo-commerce plugins, but if you're a beginner in e-commerce, go for Ecwid. If you're a small business owner, select Optin Monster, and the list continues.

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