In the world of celebrity fashion and style, Kanye West has always been known for pushing boundaries and making bold statements. From his music to his fashion choices, he has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. We love his Adidas Yeezy collaboration that you can find on Sneakerzone. Recently, Kanye made headlines again with his latest transformation - a set of new metallic teeth. In this article, we will delve into the details of Kanye's dental makeover, exploring the inspiration behind it, the materials used, and the cost involved.

The Inspiration: Jaws, the Iconic Bond Villain

Kanye West's new metallic teeth draw inspiration from the iconic Bond villain, Jaws, who appeared in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me and its sequel Moonraker. Known for his menacing metal teeth, Jaws left a lasting impression on audiences. Kanye, always one to embrace unique aesthetics, decided to pay homage to this memorable character by incorporating a similar look into his own dental transformation.

The Procedure: Fixed Prosthodontics

Contrary to rumors, Kanye did not have his natural teeth removed. Instead, he underwent a dental procedure known as fixed prosthodontics. This innovative technique involves fixing custom-designed grills made of titanium, palladium, platinum, and other precious metals to the existing teeth. Dr. Thomas Connelly, the Beverly Hills-based dentist who worked with Kanye on this procedure, confirmed that the rapper's teeth are all intact and healthy.

The Design: Unprecedented and Experimental Dentistry

Kanye West's dental implants are far from ordinary. The artist, known for his avant-garde approach to fashion and design, collaborated closely with medical and dental experts, including Dr. Connelly, to create a truly unique and groundbreaking implant. These implants go beyond traditional veneers or grills, pushing the boundaries of dentistry. The design incorporates elements inspired by Jaws' metal teeth while incorporating Kanye's personal touch.

The Materials: Titanium, Palladium, and Platinum

Kanye's new metallic teeth are crafted using a combination of titanium, palladium, and platinum. These precious metals were chosen for their durability, biocompatibility, and aesthetic appeal. Each metal was strategically placed to ensure the desired properties and visual impact. By combining these materials, Kanye achieved a striking and distinctive look that sets him apart from the crowd.

The Cost: A Price Tag Fit for a Superstar

When it comes to Kanye West, nothing is ordinary, and his dental transformation is no exception. Reports suggest that the total cost of Kanye's new metallic teeth is approximately $850,000. This hefty price tag reflects the intricate design, high-quality materials, and the expertise required to bring Kanye's vision to life. For Kanye, this investment in his appearance is a testament to his dedication to pushing boundaries and making a statement.

Kanye's Past Dental Adventures

This is not the first time Kanye West has made headlines for his dental choices. Back in 2010, he appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and revealed that he had replaced his entire bottom row of teeth with diamond and gold implants. While the diamonds may have been cooler, his natural teeth were still intact underneath. Kanye's affinity for dental experimentation showcases his desire to embrace the unconventional and stand out from the crowd.

Bianca Censori's Approval: A Lockscreen Tribute

Kanye West's wife, Bianca Censori, seems to be a fan of his new metallic teeth. In a display of support, she set a photo of Kanye's new dental work as the lockscreen wallpaper on her phone. This gesture indicates her approval and appreciation for Kanye's artistic expression through his dental transformation. Together, they continue to make waves in the world of fashion and style.

The Social Media Buzz: Speculation and Clarification

As images of Kanye's new teeth circulated on social media, speculation arose regarding the extent of the dental procedure. Many believed that Kanye had his natural teeth removed to accommodate the new implants. However, Dr. Connelly, the dentist who worked on Kanye's teeth, clarified that this was not the case. Kanye's natural teeth were preserved, and the implants were fixed onto them, creating a seamless and striking result.

Kanye's Apology: Addressing Anti-Semitic Statements

In late 2022, Kanye West faced backlash for posting anti-Semitic content on social media. Following this controversy, he issued an apology to the Jewish community. Reports later surfaced, suggesting that AI technology was involved in crafting his apology. While this incident sparked controversy, Kanye's recent focus on his dental transformation has shifted the conversation towards his artistic expression and unique style.


Kanye West's new metallic teeth are a testament to his unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and making bold statements. By drawing inspiration from the iconic Bond villain Jaws, Kanye has transformed his smile into a work of art. Through the use of fixed prosthodontics and a combination of titanium, palladium, and platinum, he has achieved a look that is both striking and distinctive. With Bianca Censori's support and the clarification from Dr. Connelly, Kanye's dental transformation continues to spark conversation and captivate the world. As he embraces experimentation in his appearance, Kanye West leaves an indelible mark on the intersection of art, sneakergame, which can be found on, and WW fashion.

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