Hello there, beautiful folks! Are you tired of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram on weekends?

Well, here's a fun activity that will give you a break from that.

Let's talk about the Smile Dating Test, which is taking the TikTok world by storm.

What Is A Smile Dating Test?

It's a quick online quiz that predicts your dating style. It gives you a colored smiley based on your personality traits at the end.

The quiz is available on a Korean website called ktestone.com. It is known for its fun personality tests and quizzes.

Surprisingly, many people are finding these quizzes to be accurate.

Who Made This Test?

It was created by the brilliant minds behind ktestone.com, who also came up with the Color Personality Test.

It is another viral quiz on Tiktok that reveals your personality traits based on colors.

How To Take The Smile Dating Test?

Now, you might be wondering how to take this test. It's simple!

How does The Test Work?

So, how does this Smile Dating Test work, you ask?

Well, the test analyzes your answers to the questions and assigns a specific dating style to you based on the colored smiley you get.

It's not entirely accurate, but it's still a fun way to learn more about yourself and your dating preferences.

Obviously, the questions and options provided to them are the same for everyone. It asks you a dozen of these kinds of questions with two options each:

Question 1: When you have no plan for the weekend, what will you do?

a)  I will lie in bed all day and rest.

b)  I will call my friends or acquaintances right away to make an appointment for the weekend.

Question 2: What will you do if you suddenly have an unexpected appointment?

a)  It will be fun! I will go to the appointment if I have nothing special.

b)  Because it is not one of my plans, I will just make some excuses, etc.

I took the test myself to show you the results, and here are my results:

I went in to take the test without much enthusiasm. To my surprise, it asked some pretty good and insightful questions. It took me barely 2 minutes to take this fun test.

Honestly, I was surprised by the accuracy of the results. It might not be a foolproof

method to find your perfect match, but it's definitely an entertaining way to spend a few minutes on Tiktok.

But don't just take my word for it. Many people on the internet are raving about this test, and some are even sharing their results on Instagram and Twitter.

In fact, it's become a trend to take the test and compare your results with those of your friends or potential partners.

Here is one Instagram user encouraging others to take the quiz. She has posted her results as well.

Link to the post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CoBaNXRODI4/

So, what are you waiting for? Head to ktestone.com and take the Smile Dating Test today. You might just learn something new about yourself and your dating style.

Who knows? You might even find your soulmate through this fun little quiz.

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