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Tulis Gabbard's Hottest Pic In This Bikini Swimming Across The Ocean

Look At Those Sexy Curves

Tulsi Looking So Sexy While Coming Back From License Renewed

Look At the Amazing Smile Of Tulsi Gabbard, At the Side Of The Ocean

In Hot Outfit Tulsi is Doing Morning Meditation by the Ocean

Where Is This Sexy Tulsi Going? Surfing?

Relaxing Watching The Amazing Sunset At Alaho

The rise of the morning sun in this new year inspires us to appreciate & welcome the light of aloha 

Tulsi Looks So Hot In Color Red

A Warm Return to the Airwaves at Des Moines' iHeartRadio Studio

Sexy Tulsi Is Having A Cheat Day With A Cheeky Treat on the Campaign Trail

Powering Through HIIT with Focus and Resilience

Tulsi Gabbard Always Looks Hot and Sexy Ready For Any Show

Aloha #NH! What an amazing day.

En Route to South Carolina, Preparing for the Town Hall

Tulsi Looks So Hot In A Moment of Focus Before Going Live on ‘The View’

Tulsi Reflecting on a Night of Community and Conversation at Plymouth State

Starting the Day with Yoga in Conway Before Hitting the Slopes, How Sexy Is That Tulsi!

Gearing Up for the New Hampshire Primary with a No-Excuse Workout For Sexy Physique

New Hampshire Chronicles: A Day of Passionate Discourse and Unwavering Support For A Bold Tulsi Gabbard

Comfortable Hot SweatShirt, A Relaxed Evening Journey to South Carolina

Tulsi's Sexy Airport Look, The Joy of Returning Home

Is This Sexy Tulsi Gabbard? Relaxing At Alaho Beach

Embracing the Open Air In Sexy Swimsuit Amidst the Times of Social Distancing

Tulis Gabbard's Personal Life

Tulsi Gabbard is known for her vegan lifestyle and strong commitment to her spiritual beliefs. She practices Gaudiya Vaishnavism, describing herself as a karma yogi. Her personal life reflects her dedication to her faith and values.

Tulis Gabbard's Background and Early Career

Gabbard's political journey began in 2002 when, at the astonishing age of 21, she was elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives. This early success set the stage for her future political endeavors.

How Is Tulis Gabbard's Love Life?

In 2002, Gabbard married Eduardo Tamayo, but their marriage ended in 2006. They cited the stresses placed on military spouses and families as the reason for their divorce. Despite this initial setback, in 2015, Gabbard found love again.

What Is Tulis Gabbard's Religion?

As a Hindu, Tulsi Gabbard holds the Bhagavad Gita in high regard, considering it a spiritual guide. She even used her personal copy of the Bhagavad Gita for her oath of office in 2013. Her faith plays a significant role in her life and values.

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