Are you tired of the same old boring hairstyles? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and showcase your bold personality? Further than badass undercut designs for females! Edgy, yet feminine hairstyles are taking the fashion world by storm. 

Badass Undercuts Design Females
Badass Undercuts Design Females 2
Badass Undercuts Design Females 3

From intricate patterns to bold colours, undercut designs are a unique way to express yourself and make a statement. 
Different Types Of Badass Undercut Designs Of Females
Ton of different ways that you can style an undercut for a badass look. 

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Here are some of our favourite undercut designs for females:
1. The Half-Shaved Undercut: Achieved by shaving one side of the head completely, leaving the other side long. You can style the long side in any way you want, we love it pulled back into a sleek ponytail or bun.
2. The Disconnected Undercut: Similar to the half-shaved undercut, but with a disconnection between the shaved and unshaved sides. Can be done with a straight razor for a really sharp look.
3. The Textured Undercut: About playing with texture on the top of the head. You can achieve this look by using different styling products to create volume and texture on the unshaved side.
4. The Colourful Undercut: Fun way to add some personality to your undercut! with bright colours to the shaved side for a bold and daring look.

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5. The Braided Undercut: Combines two trends – braids and undercuts! Braid one side of your hair and leave the other side shaved for a unique and badass style
6. Geometric patterns: Include straight lines, triangles, and other angular shapes shaved into the undercut.
7. Side swept undercut: Involves shaving one side of your head and leaving the other side longer, creating a dramatic asymmetrical look.
8. Undercut with designs: Intricate designs or symbols shaved into   
the undercut.
9. Double undercut: Shaving both sides of the head, leaving a strip of hair down the middle.
10. Wavy undercut: The hair in a wavy pattern, creating a unique texture.
11. Braided undercut: This involves braiding the hair on top and leaving the undercut visible.

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Badass Undercuts Design Females 10
Badass Undercuts Design Females
Badass Undercuts Design Females

You're looking for something subtle or daring, we've got all the inspiration you need to rock this fierce style with confidence. Buckle up and get ready to unleash your inner badass with these show-stopping undercut designs!

Are you ready to take your hair game up a notch? No further than the badass undercut designs for females! Stylish haircuts are perfect for those who want to make a bold statement. You're looking for something subtle or eye-catching, an undercut design out there that will suit your style. Why wait? Join the legions of confident women rocking these fierce hairstyles and unleash your inner badass today!

What does it mean if a girl has an undercut?

An undercut is a hairstyle that involves shaving or cutting the hair on the sides of the head very short, leaving the hair on top longer. Popular style for women who want to add a bit of edge to their look.
Girl has an undercut, which means she's probably a badass. Undercuts are often associated with rebelliousness and nonconformity, girl has one, likely that she's pretty tough and doesn't follow the rules. She's probably also creative and unique, since undercuts are not your typical girly hairstyle. You see a girl with an undercut, know that she's probably someone worth getting to know.

Badass Undercuts Design Females 13
Badass Undercuts Design Females
Badass Undercuts Design Females
Badass Undercuts Design Females

Can an undercut be feminine?

Undercut is typically thought of as a masculine style,can absolutely be feminine! achieve a feminine undercut, simply pair it with long, flowing hair on top. Will help to balance out the look and make it more feminine overall. You can also consider adding some soft curls or waves to your hair to really give it that feminine touch. Don’t forget about accessories! Few delicate flowers or jewels to your hair can really help to take your undercut from drab to fab.

Who Can Pull Off An Undercut?

Not everyone can rock an undercut. Bold hairstyle requires confidence, style, and attitude. You're thinking about getting an undercut, ask yourself and you have what it takes to pull it off.

Badass Undercuts Design Females

Do you have the confidence to rock a unique hairstyle? An undercut is definitely not for everyone. If you're thinking about getting one, you need to make sure you have the confidence to pull it off. Do you think you can rock this bold look?
Can you commit to the upkeep? An undercut requires regular maintenance. Are you prepared to visit your stylist every few weeks for touch-ups? Can you commit to keeping your hair healthy and styled at home?
Do you have the right attitude? An undercut is a daring choice. 
It shows that you're not afraid to be different. Do you have the right attitude to rock this look?

Badass Undercuts Design Females
Badass Undercuts Design Females

Remember to consult with your stylist before getting an undercut, as they can help you determine which design would work best for your hair type and face shape.

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