If you want to start looking more fashionable, then the three-color rule is the first thing you should be focusing on. This involves you choosing no more than three central colors to base your outfit around. While you can experiment with different tones, as a general rule only sticking to three colors is the best way for you to make sure that your outfit is cohesive. One exception to the three-color rule would be black and white. These don’t count as part of your color wheel, so you can get away with five colors if you have an outfit that needs a little more pizzazz.

Blue, Green, and Sand is a Classic Combination

One great combination for those who want to look fashionable is blue, green, and sand. This combination keeps things nice and neutral, but it also gives you a chance to add a pop of color. This color scheme is often seen in African countries. Sand is a symbolic color used to represent certain areas of the world such as Egypt across multiple forms of media. Games such as Sahara Riches Cash collect online slots, for example, reflect this color scheme to evoke the bright landscape of such countries - that 'pop of color'.

Further, the Wild symbol is a woman wearing an emerald green headdress with gold or sandy-colored jewelry. There are also a lot of examples in TV shows like Afrah El Obah. This show features characters who have bold styles, with a lot of them centering on blues, greens, and sandy colors. Even though this color combination is popular, you do have other options. You could go for red, blue, and white, or even pink, navy blue, and white. When you embrace the three-color rule, you’ll soon find that you can open a world of possibilities, and it makes putting outfits together far easier.

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Incorporating Prints Into Your Outfits 

Prints remain to be the best way for you to add a lot of color to your outfit. When working with prints, make sure they're taking center stage. You also need to choose colors that are present within the print for the rest of your choices. This will help ensure your outfit is cohesive and not overwhelming. If you have a floral dress, then choosing colors that centre around pink and green could be the way to go. 

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This could include a green handbag and pink high heels, for example. If you can follow this rule regarding prints then you will soon find that you have endless possibilities when it comes to pairing. Just don’t make the mistake of pairing different prints together, as this can be distracting. If you have a floral dress, as in the example above, then don’t opt for a floral bag or any other floral accents. Let the main print stand out as the focal point, and use other accessories to support it. When choosing jewelry, try and pair tones too. Nice bright outfits may be better suited to silver, but big, bold, or dark colors may be more suited to gold.

By following the three-color rule when styling your outfits, you should find that it becomes easier to piece different accessories together, without compromising cohesion or style. 

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