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Sari is the basic ethnic attire that has been worn by Indian women from all walks of life since ancient times. Draped in different styles according to the religious and cultural traditions followed in different parts of India, the saree is known for its simplicity and versatility.


The simple and practical garment can be styled in a hundred different ways to make it suitable for both formal and casual wear. Saree holds the distinction of being one of the oldest unstitched garments that are still in use and is known for having left an indelible mark on modern fashion trends. Check out to get the perfeect saree.

Considered to be the epitome of feminine grace and timeless elegance, the saree is today acknowledged globally as the perfect outfit for making a grand fashion statement. Hence it would not be wrong to say that the garment stands out as an elegant fashion choice for modern-day women.

The Story Of The Evolution Of The Saree

The evolution of the sari: from ancient India to international runways

Even though millions of Indian women have been wearing the saree for thousands of years, its origin is not clearly known. Many people believe that the word sari was derived from the Sanskrit word “Sattika”, which means “ a strip of cloth”.

The earliest records of a garment similar to the sari can be found as early as the Indus Valley civilization. Over the years, the piece of cloth that was six to nine yards in length became an integral part of Indian culture.

Today, the traditional Indian saree is being reinvented and rediscovered on various international platforms. Fashion designers both in India and abroad are adding a unique twist to the garment to make it more trendy and stylish.

Designers have experimented not only with the draping style of this elegant outfit but are also offering designs that offer a perfect blend of traditional elements and a modern look.

Acceptance Across International Platforms

The past decade has proved extremely fruitful for Indian fashion designers and fashion brands in that they have made their presence felt on international platforms.

This has provided them with a unique opportunity to showcase the beauty and glamour of traditional Indian outfits such as sarees on these platforms. The beauty and diversity of Indian textiles used for making sarees have helped in evoking the interest of global fashion experts in this traditional Indian outfit.

This international fame and recognition that the saree has been receiving internationally has also helped in reviving the handicraft industry in India. It has helped in highlighting the great skill and excellent craftsmanship of the artisans responsible for creating a Banarasi saree or a Kanjivaram saree or even a block-printed saree. Find all types of saree on

It has leased a new life into the handcraft industry of India which was slowly dying due to a decline in profitability, lack of proper facilities, and almost zero recognition for their hard work.

Another reason that has been responsible for the growing popularity of sarees in the international fashion arena is their being eco-friendly. Unlike a majority of fashion outfits, sarees offer the benefit of ensuring maximum utilization of fabric.

Moreover, almost all premium-quality sarees are crafted from natural fabrics like cotton and silk. This makes the attire extremely comfortable and breathable besides presenting it as a perfect option for creating sustainable fashion.

Endorsement By Bollywood Divas

When talking about the evolution of sarees into a globally renowned fashion attire, one cannot overlook the contribution of India’s very own Bollywood divas. Over the years, the leading ladies of the Indian film industry have played a significant role in promoting the saree as a glamorous attire.

List of Brands Endorsed By Katrina Kaif

The way these women choose to drape the sarees on screen has been influencing the fashion choices of countless women not only in India but across the globe.  

In recent years, popular TV actresses have further promoted this trend with their unique saree draping styles. These actresses have been responsible for reviving the popularity of sarees among Indian females by presenting the garment in an extremely fashionable manner.

Their preference for specific fabrics, styles, and designs has also been followed closely by countless women who want to emulate their style and beauty. TV actresses are often credited with bringing international trends in saree fashion and styling into the living room of the average Indian woman.

Moreover, the saree has been endorsed as the outfit of choice by famous  Bollywood celebrities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra for their red-carpet appearances at international events.

These celebrities have managed to stun audiences with the beauty and appeal of their uniquely designed and draped sarees featuring a glamorous twist. They have truly helped in turning an outfit that the world considered too simplistic only a few years back into something that symbolizes grace and elegance. 

Impact Of Affordable Pricing And Ease Of Availability

It has been a common belief that fashion clothing is beyond the reach of the common people as it is too highly-priced. However, with the evolution of the saree as a popular fashion attire, this perception is gradually changing. The reasonable prices of designer sarees have made them affordable for most women today.

In addition to major retail outlets, these sarees are made available through various online sites. This ease of access has further enhanced the popularity of sarees as a fashion attire among women seeking something trendy yet modest.

Among the various factors that have helped in ensuring the cost-effective pricing of fashionable sarees is the use of different types of fabrics. Cotton and silk are still the fabric of choice for designing exclusively stylish sarees that match international fashion standards.

However, the use of fabrics like georgette, organza, crepe, chiffon, satin, synthetic silk, and net has made it possible for designers and fashion houses to produce trendy sarees that are not too costly. These sarees offer the same level of elegance and appeal as premium quality sarees but at a far lesser price.

Diversity Of Saree As An Outfit

Timeless Nauvari Sarees For Stunning Maharashtrian Brides

When it comes to fashion clothing, designers often compromise the functionality of the attire and prioritize its appeal. In this context, the saree offers the best of both worlds as it combines a gorgeous look with great functionality.

This makes the attire suitable for use on various occasions and events without diminishing the oomph factor of the wearers. If anything, the saree helps to enhance the sensuality and sex appeal of the wearers quite significantly with minimal skin show. This is also one of the several reasons that have led to the growing popularity of saree as the preferred fashion attire.

Another important aspect that highlights the diversity of the saree is the wearers are free to choose the way they look by tweaking the manner of draping the garment only slightly.

The outfit can be draped to create a fusion of indo-western style or can even be paired with different types of accessories to create a completely unconventional look. Draping the saree around a pair of jeans or pairing it with a crop top or a t-shirt rather than a properly stitched blouse are some trends that gaining much popularity.

Final Thoughts

Saree has evolved beyond the conventional standard of the ultimate feminine outfit and traditional attire into elegant and innovative attire. Today it has evolved into a trendy fashion choice that provides countless women the freedom to express their feminity with style.  

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