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Who is Megyn Kelly?

  • Megyn Kelly's birthdate is November 18, 1970.
  • She is famous for her roles in law, news and television.
  • Her television career started in 2003.
  • Kelly gained fame for conducting rigorous interviews and expressing her strong viewpoints.
  • She spent 12 years at "Fox News" where she became known for her courage and forthrightness.
  • In 2017, She transitioned to NBC. But in 2019, She Left NBC.
  • She left NBC to focus on motherhood and her talk show.
  • Megyn Kelly's impact on TV and journalism is lasting.

Hot Pictures of Megyn Kelly in Bikini

Former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly, at 52, continues to stun in bikinis. Let's explore her standout moments and fitness secrets.

Bikini in the Bahamas

During her 2019 Bahamas vacation, Megyn wowed in a black string two-piece while paddleboarding.

Hot Pictures of Megyn Kelly in Bikini
Hot Pictures of Megyn Kelly in Bikini

A Red Hat and a Controversy

Megyn's Miami poolside photo in April 2023 featured a red baseball hat reading "Make Women Female Again," igniting discussions about gender and identity.

Megyn Kelly effortlessly combines style and substance while making waves in the media and maintaining a sensational physique, proving that age is no barrier to staying in the spotlight.

Latest Pictures of Megyn Kelly in 2023

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly

5 Interesting Facts About Megyn Kelly

1. Megyn Kelly switched from Fox News to NBC, where she now hosts a daytime talk show and special interviews, making a substantial income of $15 million to $20 million annually.

2. She was so Important that “Time magazine” put her on their list of the 100 most influential people in 2014.

3. She is a mother of three and is married to Douglas Brunt, who is not only a novelist but also used to be the president and CEO of a cybersecurity firm.

4. Interestingly, CNN President Jonathan Klein admitted to regretting not hiring her at some point during her career.

5. She also hosted highly popular shows such as "America Live" and "The Kelly File" while at Fox News, attracting a large viewership.

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